Web design and SEO

A short video to answer the most common questions I get asked regarding WordPress websites. I talk a little bit on what WordPress is, how to get the most out of a WordPress site and how no two sites are the same – when done right. I also briefly discuss what to do when the questions arise such as, “My website site is really slow” or “my website has stopped working”.

Websites I design and build are user friendly, easily maintainable and a practical tool for business, giving you more time to promote your content without getting caught up in technical micro-management. I also help and update maintain websites for larger organisations who need flexibility. Don’t have a website, or not proud of the one you have? I can help.

Luc Hoffman Institute Website

I cannot recommend JCU enough. The service was exceptional, which for a technophobe was not only essential but also reassuring. All my questions were answered promptly in a way I could understand. The website was exactly how I envisaged with useful guides in order to develop and change the website myself over time. Overall a great service at a competitive price.
Claire Smith, Therapyline.

With dozens screen sizes, resolutions  and proportions on  desktop and handheld devices,  the modern web doesn’t think in terms of ink or pixels, with images and text responding to the screen they are being displayed on.  Nothing is fixed, all elements are fluid.

Furthermore I believe in a design ethos of strength through practicality. Good website design is about solving problems and creating a blend of style and function that is as visually impressive as it is usable. In conclusion a strong  visual signature is key to a  good website,  so users remember where they’ve been, and know where to come back to. Take a look at these examples of how JCU design website’s that really work.

Portfolio Samples

www.thehouseoffun.co.uk | www.hyenalounge.com | paulspencersigns.com
play4allzambia.org | wentworthmusicfestival.co.uk | www.criterionsystems.co.uk
 jjwhitehead.net | kingsarmssalford.com | lastlaughcomedy.co.uk
mikewilky.co.uk | verygoodbills.com | wackywoody.co.uk

Online marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If design is what you say, online marketing is how you say it. Our marketing service helps you create ideas and effective content, talking you through the process of creating press releases, case studies and articles. Helping you effectively promote yourself and your company to be seen by search engines.

We aim to eliminate technical jargon and make the process of online marketing understandable and accessible to everyone running a small or medium-sized business,  who doesn’t have the budget for an agency retainer.

We’ll show you how to make the best use of your time, so you’re not lost in a sea of social media, instead of learning which platforms are right for you and how to efficiently share your stories across social media without spending all day doing it.

We specialise in understanding organic marketing (as opposed to paid and pay per click services). By focusing on the fundamental benefits of when and how to use online marketing, we can better understand when to use paid services to reach more customers.

Creating good online content creates an engaging story for your company that will grow over time. By offering an overview and easy-to-follow video tutorials we can help you can understand the basics of being seen and heard online.

  • Generating ideas for press releases and case studies
  • Featured content
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Understanding social media platforms
  • Google Analytics

Top tip: When creating a new online marketing article, post it on your website first, then share it to social media.

Social media platforms that have feeds (constantly updating  content) such as twitter, Facebook and Linkedin make it hard to find previously posted items. By adding this content to your website first you’ll not only have easy access to it over time, but you’ll will also be increase the size and ‘footprint’ of your website helping it to be seen by search engines.

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What is WordPress 5 and is it worth upgrading? Let me try to explain that in under five minutes, and hopefully showing how quick and easy it *should* be to use.