Spring Design update - web design and illustration

Time for a Spring update of what has mostly been web design and illustration work. Back in February, there was plenty of illustration going on helping the guys at GroundBreak productions with another ambitious TV advert. Moving from digital to hand-drawn and back again, the 'Great Mirth Run' got a new flyer and poster, created for the comedy charity event which takes place in May.

Playwright and journalist Ian Winterton got his website of the ground, with a bit of WordPress training. I love empowering people with the WordPress platform, and it was a great choice for Ian who wanted a shop window for his work. His website is also an online archive of his movie interviews for the various magazines he's worked for in the past. It's easy for work like this to get lost over time as technology updates and culture moves on (as happened with all blogs I wrote for SFX magazine). Online doesn't always mean forever, so by cataloguing his own work on his own website give's Ian a portfolio that can easily be shared when seeking new freelance work.

A couple of smaller jobs for two of my long time comedy industry pals, Dan Nightingale and Toby Foster. Dan wanted a new logo ident for a podcast, while Toby over in Sheffield is always looking to add new content to the Last Laugh Comedy website, to keep it looking fresh.