July 29, 2016

Summer Design Update

I rarely mention my connections to the comedy industry on my design website, mainly as I prefer to compartmentalise my disciplines so I can focus all of my creative brain on the job at hand - whatever that may be. It's no surprise though to find my portfolio is often filled with design work from the world of show business,  and this summer is no exception.

Designs, updates and expansions.

In the run-up to the Edinburgh Festival, I've been producing new websites for Mick Ferry and Caimh McDonnell. Back in June Leeds Comedy Festival had an amazing lineup of shows and upgraded themselves online, adding an eCommerce payment system, to deal with all their ticketing in-house and increase their share of profits.
Almost ready to launch is the new Covent Garden Comedy club website. One of London's longest-running comedy clubs, they've been looking to upgrade the website presence for a while to reflect their prestigious club.

In the North West, Frank Brockett's Quizmasters finally get a website too. Franky has been successfully running quiz nights across the North West since the 1990s and would certainly give the eggheads a run for their money.
Finally, across the pond, some illustration work for the Comedysportz improv guys in Washington DC. Their image savvy manager requested a series of heads and body illustrations that could be switched and swapped as needed to reflect the changing lineup of each show, pretty unique stuff.

For another year we have a busy summer, and I've not even mentioned the 40 book illustrations. That's a subject for another post!

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