February 24, 2022

Speed Portraits.

Looking for a caricaturist or event artist? Here's a sample of my speed portrait work. These photos were taken at Art Battle Manchester.

I've done speed portraits for a few different types of events, which I can turn around pretty quickly.

Getting an event artist is a great way to give attendees something permanent that they can take away as a souvenir. Weddings, conferences, conventions, etc. It's a quick win at any event. I'm available to book by the hour, or for a full day with a discount. All materials are provided.

I've got a performance background (in improv comedy), and use humour to help ease any nerves of those who want to sit and be drawn but are a bit apprehensive about it. In my experience once the first brave few have been drawn, others are quickly drawn to ...bring drawn.

Get in touch for rates and more info: hey@johncooperdesign.co.uk

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