January 18, 2017

How to make a podcast in WordPress and other software.

As a creative project I recently completed making a series of 8 podcasts.

There are many different ways to create a podcast. In this short video I explain the process I took.

I've used a handful of programs to create the content for my podcast which you can hear at bringabrickpodcast.com ;

The microphone is a Snowball Ice.

Audacity is used for editing the audio files. Also the Free Music archive offers creative commons licencing  for use of it's music for beds and stings. A word of warning, it's almost too easy to get lost for hours trying to find the right kind of music. Consequently, having a clear idea first,  before you start surfing.

Skype and MP3 recorder.
Most people already know Skype. MP3 recorder for Skype is a handy tool that records the audio via your microphone and complies them on two separate tracks. It only records outgoing calls, not incoming, which I found out the hard way.

The website.
WordPress does a great job of managing the content and creating a detailed RSS feed that podcasting repositories can pick on on. Using scheduled posts I was able to focus on recording a few 4 podcasts and, and then holding off, in order to set a regular schedule to release content. MP3tag was also a great tool for making the MP3 file itself look professional, with the ability to add a cover image which show up on podcasting feeds.

The feed,  stitcher & itunes
I've submitted my podcast to both itunes and stitcher, where listeners can to these apps to access the show on their devices. Wordpress has a great built in RSS feed facility.

A note on content.
Niche is good, as I've discovered from the research I've carried out. Why a podcast on applied improvisation? Podcasts are a saturated market, so creating content in niche markets is beneficial.

Finally as I mention in the video, this is just one way to create a podcast, and is only an overview of the process I have used.

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