The New Northern

The Northern venue on Tib street in Manchester has been around since 2007, when I did the first web design and build. Over eight years ago the Northern established itself as a great drinking house in the heart of the Northern Quarter, and after a brief name change, it's relaunched this month as a new live music venue for aspiring and established bands, and I've been re-vamping and adding a host of new features, including the great new 'My Calendar' app, which uses some lightweight scripting techniques to make surfing the website a quick and pleasant experience.

I've created new web design for the Northern three times since it first launched. Back in the days before modern CMS's like wordpress or drupal, the site was written in HTML3 and used Adobe's (then Macromedia) 'contibute' software to login an make changes. Despite it's flaws,  it had a great WYSIWYG visual editor (what you see is what you get) that made it easier for non-technical clients to understand how to make changes to their websites in a way that wordpress has still got some way to live up to. Not to knock WordPress, which is now one of the most powerful CMS's there are available and has come on in leaps and bounds, and more so than ever it's important to recognise that getting a good website isn't just getting  a good design product, and getting a good service too. Serving clients in the long term, listening to their needs and communicating that in the works it what JCU  has always done. There are so many services out there, and good communication is key to a successful project.

Looking to get a new website yourself? Email on for a quote and find out what the new features of HTML5 can do for your website.

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