Branding & logo design

From the top of your letterhead to the footer of your T&C’s,  identity is important. Whether you’re an freelance accountant, an MD or an Elvis impersonator, it’s vital to leave your visual signature behind even after you’ve left the building.

I have trained in premier design studios in both the North East and North West, dealing with brand creation and management for some leading dotcom companies. With that experience comes the understanding of the  importance of a good logo and the brand image it presents.   A new company looking for an image is like sitting an exam. Can you describe what you do in fifty words? How about How condensing  your company ethos into ten words? Or one sentence? Effective branding is is tough to get right. It’s the linchpin, cornerstone, foundation, pinnacle…any and  all other words you can think of that describe the hook upon which successful recognition hangs.  JCU does it, providing strong simple & direct brand identity.

“An excellent service that is great value for money, but most of all he is very talented. Thoroughly recommended.”
Lee Martin, Gag Reflex Management

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