John is a freelance illustrator based in Manchester with over 20 years experience creating bold dynamic artwork. Working with an Illustrator is all about ideas, communicating and problem-solving. John has collaborated on some great projects, here's just a sample..

Bullet points for buyers;

  • Be as clear as you can be about what you want. A freelance illustrator like myself won't be offended if you show me some samples of images you like the style of.
  • It can be tempting to use hourly rate websites like people per hour, but this kind of approach quickly turns your commission into speed dating. With ample choice and illustrators eager to show you their work you might find your time is eaten up explaining your requirements over and over again.
  • Best practice from the illustrator includes preliminary sketch ideas. Regardless of your budget, there should be room for feedback and revision before receiving the final work.

What do you need to provide, for a freelance illustrator to create you an amazing artwork commission? Do you have a clear idea of what you want to visualise or would you prefer some quick sketch ideas to help you get the ball rolling?

How much detail you want to provide and how much input you request in the creative stages is up to you. I take a flexible approach to help you achieve the best result with your budget. How much does illustration cost? How does it work?

These are questions often asked when you want to commission a new piece of illustration. Finding the right style and content is important, and setting expectations, so I can deliver the wow moment, and work you'll be proud to put out in the world. I’ve worked on illustration projects ranging in cost from a few hundred pounds to thousands.

John is a Manchester based illustrator with clients all over the world.
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