December 5, 2018

Illustration - Christmas Card Campaign 2019

Every year I do a 'Christmas Card Campaign'. It's a very enjoyable way of doing a bit of marketing, doing my own Christmas cards (well, postcards). I've been doing it on and off since my days at university. It was always intended as a bit of fun but has really become useful in the last ten years. Letting family and friends know I'm thinking of them, and getting under the noses of clients to remind them I'm still around and available.

This years illustration is still under wraps, I only post it online after Christmas, once the 100 or so hard copies have reached there destination. I like to imagine my card as an unexpected surprise, putting a smile on the face of the recipient.

Here's the second idea I had, inspired by the brilliant BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials.

His Dark Materials Christmas Card Illustration
Snowmen are out, Snowbears are in!

From 2017

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