October 20, 2016

Logo Design for Venues and Festivals

Who's a good boy? Well I suppose I am, with this recent logo design for Noddy, the mascot for Nodding Dog's outdoor socially distanced comedy gigs.

This was done on a super quick turnaround of one day. The client and comedy promoter Kev knew exactly what he wanted. I'd have liked to spend more time on the linework in the logo to be honest, but the clock was ticking, and in comedy timing is everything.

The purple works great as a primary colour for a comedy brand and the complementary teal in Noddy the Dog's collar can be used more for social media marketing.

For an example of something a little more in-depth, here are some other logo design projects.;

See more or logos and brand design work here.

Over the years I've worked in top design studios in both the North East and North West, dealing with brands for some leading dotcom companies. I'd like to think I understand the importance of a good logo and the brand image it presents.  

A new company looking for an image is like sitting an exam. Can you describe what you do in fifty words? How about How condensing it into ten words? Or one sentence? Effective branding is tough to get right. It’s the hook upon which successful recognition hangs. Let us help with your next project.

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