October 22, 2020

Using illustration in your next project.

Do they take your idea and run with it?

Illustrators for hire are a flexible bunch when it comes to helping you imagine an amazing visual for your project. Do you have a clear idea of what you want from your illustrator of choice, or would you benefit from a handful of quick sketches to get the ball rolling on your own ideas?

As a freelance illustrator myself, how much detail you want to provide and how much input you request from the illustrator is really up to you. Good illustrators can provide imagination, and also structure (how long, how much?) to get you the best result.

With this recent a piece on covid culture, the author and I collaborated on the best way the image could to tell their story and emphasise to readers the points they wanted to make.

The written draft came first. Then I sketched a handful of loose ideas to go along with it. When the final composition was decided, the article was completed at the same time as the illustration.


There's no hard and fast rule to illustration commissions. Words and pictures go hand in hand and if you're hiring an illustrator, your comfort and workflow come first. If you're considering using illustration for your marketing, to give an article that extra bit of 'umph', find an illustrator you like, and begin the conversation.

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John is a Manchester based illustrator with clients all over the world.
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