June 13, 2017

Guilty Pleasures - A new website for the Kings Arms Pub.

It was a bit of a guilty pleasure to create a new website for my favourite local.

The Kings Arms in Salford is not only a pub but also a theatre & music venue so they are a very creative bunch of guys and gave me a lot of freedom with the new website design. The new King's Arms site needed to be made responsive and have an updated calendar system - a way of organising all the various types of events they put on there.

The original site also had some illustration, so it was fun to build on that quite literally and draw the venue itself. There's also a little bit of script underneath that turns day into night, depending on the time that you visit the website. If you're in Manchester, don't just visit the website, visit the pub too - they have a great cider on tap!

Visit the Kings Arms website: www.kingsarmssalford.com

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