February 20, 2017

A great website without any funny business

Sometimes simple is beautiful, and that was the case recently when Manchester comedian and writer Tony Burgess was looking for a new website. The brief was straight forward, and he had a lot of content from his experience in the industry.

Getting Tony's new website looking right wasn't too dissimilar to the writing process, getting a lot ideas down on paper, then paring it down until we arrived at something he was really happy with. Citing classic movie credits for inspiration, we arrived at something that Tony really liked. From my designers point of view it's quite beautiful.  It's easy to understand why it  would be a very unlikely initial design proposal,  and I had to pull some nifty tricks to make the final project work happily with SEO. Websites can do and be so many things, but  in this case pulling in the design to something tight and practical was key to making it work. Simple is beautiful and Tony's work speaks for itself. 

JCU Design Studio work with people in businesses of all sizes in all sectors. Providing them with websites they can be proud of, design ideas that gets attention and illustrations that are as unique as they are. Good design aids good business, providing  the confidence to present a public image with integrity and verve, and also win new customers. It's my passion to engage people with good design across all media, whether setting up a website that can be easily updated, providing an illustration commission, animation or a cross branded print  campaign with online marketing and SEO. JCU is more than just the final product, it's a design service.


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