Graphic Design

Our graphic design and illustration takes your marketing to the next level.

John's experience in design communication and graphic art combine to make memorable experiences that create conversations and attract audiences. From social media packs, posters and brochures to slide decks and presentations. We've helped companies who need to stand out in crowded markets, from bespoke slide decks for fintech  to publicity campaigns for the Edinburgh festival.

Buzzing with Character design.

This is Liza Bee-nelli, the mascot for the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival. The character design is a reimagining of the Fringe Mascot from 2017, when she was first introduced to promote shows. For this new version, I started with a pencil sketch in ClipStudio, then took it into Affinity Designer, my new favourite playground for […]

Illustration for video production

Teaming up with animation and CGI company, The Outset. Providing the illustrations for this promotional video on place-based innovation See also: The Outset. Motion graphics work

Branding & Graphic Design: Making Presentations

Making Presentations is a training company that specialises in presenting skills, online and face to face. The design work, logo, icons and deck slides are all bespoke. This is communication design, where the artwork has a very specific job to. The icons are more detailed illustrations, to keep online attendees engaged longer. The series of […]

Graphic Design- Posters

Posters for events, campaigns and promotions. We work a lot with the live events industry where design needs to be high impact. We provide posters alongside branding and social media packages.

Isometric graphic design for maps

Isometric design is a form of 3D drawing that's ideal for maps and infographics. The location in this example is Wasing Park in Berkshire. The event theme was 'enchanted forest', so the fantastical elements are placed around the outside, to keep the informative elements clear. See more graphic design styles here.

Live recording at the firefighters conference

Busy times and places. A few weeks back I spent 2 days live recording 'Firefit', the national UK firefighter's conference. They got in touch back in Sept via one of their speakers, the brilliant John Parkinson who coaches and mentors folks in the firefighting service. I'm always curious so it was great to hear talks […]

Target your audience

As a service, we offer guidance on the best formats for your target audience. From concept to completion, ideas and pre-visuals are shown at every stage of the process to ensure the end product is the perfect reflection of initial design brief. Reference sheets and colours guides are provided to make any new promotional material consistent and have impact. We also help with ideas generation if you're not quite sure what you need.

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