June 8, 2020

Explainer Video - For Science!

What is an explainer video? Well as you can probably guess they're videos that help explain a particular topic.

The goal of an explainer video is to take a potentially quite complicated subject and make it engaging and easier to understand.

They are most often hand-drawn too, sometimes on a whiteboard, where you can see the hand of the artist creating visuals in time to the narration of the subject matter.

This project was for The Mathematics of Waves and Materials group, a research department within the University of Manchester. They work on the "theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects of both materials and waves. " Crikey.

I was approached to create a video based on a blog about noise-reducing materials. It took a bit of time to read up and understand what the research was before throwing around ideas. Also as this was about sound, 'what to draw' visually was an open-ended question. It was also lots of fun.

My contact Naomi had already seen my work and gave me quite a bit of creative freedom. I was expecting some resistance submitting storyboards of geese, trumpets and jetpacks, but what I pitched made the cut. It was all about finding the balance between fun and relevance.

The video was created in lockdown, so I offered to do the voice over too, as a practical solution.

Read the The Mathematics of Waves and Materials group blog here

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