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Festival mascots, illustrations of folks doing live shows and live drawing at events. Just a sample of the last few months of output...

This is Liza Bee-nelli, the mascot for the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival. The character design is a reimagining of the Fringe Mascot from 2017, when she was first introduced to promote shows. For this new version, I started with a pencil sketch in ClipStudio, then took it into Affinity Designer, my new favourite playground for designing vector artwork, as the mascot had to be flexible enough to be recreated at any size.

I've been using Affinity designer for around 16 months now and it's more than proven itself as a professional workflow tool, it just clicks with me a lot more than illustrator ever did. In particular features like layers and gradients are just a joy to use.

Here's the previous character design mascot logo from 2016, designed in illustrator. I've come a long way!

Greater Manchester Fringe Festival

A full day of capturing an event, as is happened. Live drawing, graphic recording, it has many names, is the process where an artist (me!) draws quickly to capture an event as it happens. This is often talks, discussions and Q&A's, visually representing the themes and subjects that are spoken about. Like taking minutes, but much more fun.

It's a great way to document an event and create marketing and publicity material that can be used after the event to share and remind attendees. Also it's great for social media.

For this kind of work I'm available by the hour, or full day. Get in touch for info on prices.

Distance is a comic strip diary created 1 page at a time.

Distance vol1 and 2

Heading off to the Edinburgh festival this year? Need posters, flyers and a social media pack for all your online stuff? I've got you covered.

How about some illustration to really make your idea pop out? Edinburgh is a tough space to promote in at festival time (I should know), publicity needs to be super targeted so potential punters can see what you're about in the 2 seconds it takes to walk by your poster. Get in touch for a quote.

A selection of character design work from books and publicity.

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    Teaming up with animation and CGI company, The Outset.

    Illustration for video production
    artwork for video

    Providing the illustrations for this promotional video on place-based innovation

    See also:

    The Outset.

    Motion graphics work

    Making Presentations is a training company that specialises in presenting skills, online and face to face.

    The design work, logo, icons and deck slides are all bespoke. This is communication design, where the artwork has a very specific job to. The icons are more detailed illustrations, to keep online attendees engaged longer. The series of deck slides also are illustrations, in a simple neutral style to connect with as broad a demographic as possible and guide the attendees through their training journey.

    Making Presentations founder Richard Pascoe put a lot of thought into what he needed for his artwork slide deck, and it shows.

    Brand designing logos
    presentation graphic design
    icon design set of icons
    character design harry potter

    Posters for events, campaigns and promotions. We work a lot with the live events industry where design needs to be high impact. We provide posters alongside branding and social media packages.

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      Isometric design and illustration for maps, infographics and cutaways. illustrated map artwork for your event.

      Isometric design is a form of 3D drawing that's ideal for maps and infographics. The location in this example is Wasing Park in Berkshire. The event theme was 'enchanted forest', so the fantastical elements are placed around the outside, to keep the informative elements clear.

      See more graphic design styles here.

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        Looking for a caricaturist or event artist? Here's a sample of my speed portrait work. These photos were taken at Art Battle Manchester.

        I've done speed portraits for a few different types of events, which I can turn around pretty quickly.

        Getting an event artist is a great way to give attendees something permanent that they can take away as a souvenir. Weddings, conferences, conventions, etc. It's a quick win at any event. I'm available to book by the hour, or for a full day with a discount. All materials are provided.

        I've got a performance background (in improv comedy), and use humour to help ease any nerves of those who want to sit and be drawn but are a bit apprehensive about it. In my experience once the first brave few have been drawn, others are quickly drawn to ...bring drawn.

        Get in touch for rates and more info: hey@johncooperdesign.co.uk

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