Character Design: Tech Detective

I was approached by a design agency in Manchester to illustrate robot characters for their client, a tech company who were looking for something quite specific.

I had the free rein to come up with suggestions of robots that would best suit their brand. Out of the ideas I suggested they opted for the detective and their dog.

In early sketches, I used a rough and ready style, and also provided a vector version. Vector art can be helpful in reproduction as it can scale to any size, from a pin badge to the side of a van.

In design apps, vector brushes can create very good clean line work, but I still find that they can't quite match the variation and liveliness of line work in pixel form, due to how software needs to process the data. Even converting pixels into vectors with the very best industry tools will smooth off lines and simplify them. I'm sure it won't be long before line work and speed of drawing is captured perfectly in pixels or vectors with no discernible difference, we're very nearly there. Saying that the software doesn't really matter, as long as the end product looks great.

This work was created in clip studio and the vectors in affinity designer. Affinity designer is super fast, but also Clip studio has the ability to export pixels in 4K and 600dpi resolution, which makes bigger files but keeps the aesthetic intact. Whatever gets the job done.


Illustration update, Easter 2022

Festival mascots, illustrations of folks doing live shows and live drawing at events. Just a sample of the last few months of output...

Edinburgh Festival Publicity

Heading off to the Edinburgh festival this year? Need posters, flyers and a social media pack for all your online stuff? I've got you covered.

How about some illustration to really make your idea pop out? Edinburgh is a tough space to promote in at festival time (I should know), publicity needs to be super targeted so potential punters can see what you're about in the 2 seconds it takes to walk by your poster. Get in touch for a quote.

Branding & Graphic Design: Making Presentations

Making Presentations is a training company that specialises in presenting skills, online and face to face.

The design work, logo, icons and deck slides are all bespoke. This is communication design, where the artwork has a very specific job to. The icons are more detailed illustrations, to keep online attendees engaged longer. The series of deck slides also are illustrations, in a simple neutral style to connect with as broad a demographic as possible and guide the attendees through their training journey.

Making Presentations founder Richard Pascoe put a lot of thought into what he needed for his artwork slide deck, and it shows.

Brand designing logos
presentation graphic design
icon design set of icons
character design harry potter

Manchester Open Exhibition 2022, list of artists and work

Here's a list of all the artists and work at the Manchester Open Exhibition 2022, at Home.

1Amy MizrahiThe Great Escape£4,200.00
2Emma ReynoldsCommunity Action - Peaceful Protest is a Human Right£35.00
3Natasha KlutchVisit Britain£300.00
4Mike ThorpeGot a ticket to my destination£525.00
5Mary MonkPerspectives on Rochdale£180.00
6Jude WainwrightInsignificant
7David LoweAlpine Bar
8Stephen Snoddy'Untitled 183'£300.00
9Tanith MabWaiting for The Singularity like .. :0 :I :3£300.00
10Jen OrpinStand Your Ground£4,995.00
11Paul BuckleyMeltdown in Granadaland£225.00
12Chloe WattsI'd like a new brain
13Lee CrockerCornerhouse Cinema 2020£300.00
14Steve SuttonUprising£300.00
15Leon Buzz BaldrySpring Blue£150.00
16Paulette BansalTHAT WAY TO PANJIM£375.00
17Sarah GardnerJuicy II£120.00
18Heather AldersonA Funny Old Conversation£295.00
19Helen HeeryBlue Funk 1£60.00
20Sibylle Faulkner-GohnerThere's "Still Life" in my Kitchen£250.00
21VooDoo ImagingStay Dirty£150.00
22VooDoo ImagingHands£150.00
23Jane FraserBins, Back Piccadilly£150.00
24Malcolm SlateSearch Party
25Ngozi UgochukwuLet's take a Moment£540.00
26Lee CrockerArt Thug£250.00
27Anthony BebroReunited under a crusade of tears before the sun goes down£7,500.00
28Dave W SmithJewel of the Himalaya£580.00
29Marian JazmikCacti
30Lee HardmanMaking Faces I£275.00
31Lee HardmanMaking Faces II£275.00
32Gareth CairnsWALTER£250.00
33David LuntSingularity£800.00
34Ashleigh LewisA little bit lost
35Ashleigh LewisThe parts of himself left behind
36Leslie ThompsonBrown Bear£300.00
37Creative City England CIC's Manchester Women's GroupsConnected Jewels
38John LawansonThe Peacock
39Sarah ConnellThe Twilight Cone£950.00
40RYUJI GOTOHope for the Future - Faith in Young Torch Bearers
4128 Or Not 28Sundae Funday£500.00
42Jack McConnellEasy to quit when you're not at the pub£250.00
43Susy RobsonSilverdale£265.00
44Jerusha GreenStill£250.00
45Katie McGuirePipeline£65.00
46Jasmir CreedOther Home£6,000.00
47Scott SadlerManchester Skyline
51Elle BrotherhoodPixeled Rose£250.00
52Michael McGinleyShapfell£195.00
53Lee BaxterInvestors Only£495.00
54Mario PophamBickershaw, Leigh from Strange Eden£950.00
55Stuart YorkRibblehead£70.00
56Fawn ParkerSinner£50.00
57Rory ChisholmManchester Courtyards; a proposal for Ancoats
58Rick RobertsPortrait of a Cheese and Onion Pie.£495.00
59Izzy LezcanoHanging out with Nature
60Christopher LundieMagnolia Walls
61Sarah ConnellPerennial, Image 319£250.00
62Nan CollantineOceans Apart no.20 (thin ice skating)£1,200.00
63Helen DaviesWaiting on the World£550.00
64Amanda HancockPrinters Pair
65Morgan Jayne EdwardsQuietly reminiscing
66Michelle ToppingEvade£1,500.00
67Bill UsherManchester Central Library January Rain£350.00
68Kay ShahSelf Isolated/Isolated Self£1,400.00
69Ellie KennedySamuel Alexander Southern Extension
70Nia MooreLucid Daydream£500.00
71ScotteeThe Legacy of Poverty£500.00
72Javed SiddiquiThe night of the moon£250.00
73John CarneySymbolic Retribution #1£1,200.00
74MancsyPankhurst 2021£250.00
75Kamran Ali & Martha JeanBarber Shops of Levenshulme
76Christopher J WoodBrian Plays The Trumpet
77Izzy McGarryCity limits£50.00
78Martha Duncan-ZaleskiFrank£350.00
79Caz LathamOxford Road from Grosvenor Square Gate
80Olga Fedechko BennettInside the Earth£600.00
81Jane TongeLiquid Stone£325.00
82Mick TimpsonExhaust£175.00
83Sarah-Clare ConlonSaturnine Night£150.00
84Julia KeenanYoungling£195.00
85Mary Lou SmithMemory Maps - Age 7 & 13£200.00
86Gill MooreFilaments- 1£195.00
87David HoyleFunnily Enough!!£500.00
88Hugo da SilvaNever the same£1,500.00
89Patrick HollisEna Sharples
90Ian McKayAchtung 74 - "Hang On In There Baby" Series£620.00
91Georgia NobleMoving Castle£3,350.00
92Anya ShiltonA caterpillar, snake, fish, turtle and octopus
93Claire LeonardThe Park£60.00
94Victoria FloodAwakening£250.00
95Janette Byrne Artist JbPicasso and Friends at the Gallery£180.00
97Ailsa JohnsonMystical Black Cat£295.00
98Helen RedmondRob
99FrobiPiccadilly Beach, Costa del Mancunia
100Daniel WaggettNeolithic human with Mitch a budgerigar
101Jermaine WilliamsTRON£50.00
102Horace LindezeyGM Bus£250.00
103Honor McGregorThe Burley Girls£120.00
104Tim SeniukHeart of Glass
105Joel SlaterFighty
106CywardManchester's unseen 11£65.00
107Laura NathanBusy Hands£1,800.00
108Maria SinkinsonThe Boy
109Georgia NobleFire in the Sky£3,650.00
110Vanessa CuthbertStill Life in Blue£2,700.00
111Carlos FergIsolation£1,500.00
112Chris AltonWhat Mortals Henceforth Shall Our Power Adore
113Andrew DesmierHalle St Peter's£295.00
114Sweeten To Taste1000 days£2,000.00
115Sabina SimnerThe Thinker
116Jamie KirkIt's not what you said, it's the way you said it£780.00
117Zoe WinstonFaces of the Pandemic£1,000.00
118Marc ProvinsNine Walks£750.00
119Philip WestcottZoom Meeting£125.00
120Janet BradySurfacing£200.00
121Tracey Hollis RoweWalk In Silence£345.00
122Aidan DoyleSalford Shopping City Red£120.00
123Emma PannellThe last Nightingale£1,150.00
124Steve ForrestQuantitative Easing - 'whatever floats your boat'£750.00
125James UnsworthJake£400.00
126Bill AyresThis is a Storm Warning #2£125.00
127Mirko Lazzarin and Tito GhiglioneUninhabited£120.00
128Pam Ward-SpeersLife£170.00
129AUDRINKA.ARTFantastic Susie£160.00
130Phillip BreadneyIn The Garden
131Andrew OrtonSzent lstviin£2,500.00
132Burcu UrgutDr. Price£300.00
133Hassani SaraBlue Sight
134Maddy VenusWensley Garden Straw Bags£90.00
135Arnold PollockKam
136Robert HileyWill£200.00
137Sophie NewellEverett£150.00
138Nicky WilsonFarfisa at Night and Day Cafe: Artist Proof
139Lucie ForestMermaid 1£350.00
140Mark Careytodmordensun£220.00
141Simon GarnerAfter Lowry£45.00
142Gregory FenwickSalvador Danny£200.00
143Gregory FenwickRuby£200.00
144Ciara LeemingEco heroes #2 - Nazar and Ash
145tabx110Slip through the cracks
146Bob DentCourt of ions, Alhambra, Spain.
147Amy EckersleyPen Portrait 1
148Nicole MullanFutile Boundaries£350.00
149Ruth FildesCogitation£185.00
150Pauline BowlingFacemask for the lady of Shalott
151Hannah Mclennan - JonesThe Spice Girls made me gay: Kits Out
152Holly StaniforthI fall back asleep when I dream of you£75.00
153Mariel OsbornThe Sparkle Wave£280.00
154Elsie MillerMe£50.00
155Daniel GlenisterSENSE OF ORDER£110.00
156Xhi NdubisiOur Son£1,000.00
157Richard BennettThe Manchester Tiles
158Emily DaviesFragments of Manchester - Manchester Airport£100.00
159House of J by Jodie ReynoldsXL Wavy Rug Mirror£450.00
160Paul PickfordKapow!£325.00
161Leoma BereSamurai Frog
162Maria BeswickUntitled£100.00
163Jack BeanVegan For The Animals£25.00
164Victoria HartDeforestation of the Sea
165Tina FinchEcho Beach£860.00
166Jonathan Traynor19:S6£350.00
167Nick JordanSpore, Parasol #01, 2021 (Edition of 6)£280.00
168Joshua (Joshi) WilliamsLeatherman down by the docks£60.00
169Huw MartinAGATHA£450.00
170Chantel BarbourChanging Frames£100.00
171J11mes Pyle (Le Chat Blanc Design)Beetham Brush£165.00
172Nathan ClaphamCity Railway Bridge
173Julie Cassels'We View Things Differently Now' - Tintype - Victory Adjusting Her Sandal 410 BC£155.00
174Mo von KleistDo ya think I'm sexy?£60.00
175Renee GreenClose Knit£100.00
176Robert CoyleStandedge, Marsden£350.00
177laura Maxon-GrovesHer Death Dance£195.00
178Rebecca DoddPortrait of my Parents
179Vivian LallyIan Curtis£450.00
180William DobbsPlastic Armageddon£300.00
181Bronte MellingAmber Cloud
182Sandy RushtonOnlooker£180.00
113Alistair WoodsMidwife on Emergency Call£750.00
114Mark HobbsPortraits from "You Caught Us At A Strange Time "
115Lilina Butlercake and frog
116Amelia WelbourneMorning Routine£248.00
117Maria Jacksonl tried and failed to collect up all your tears (cont.)
118Alena Ruth DonelyEat the Frog£350.00
189Emily SimpsonI need more than memes to save me£390.00
190Sophie KnapperManchester Mandala
191Felix PereiraRestricted Access to the Winter Garden.
192Fritz FittonOut of the caverns of rain£225.00
193Mike Chavez-DawsonRefined Pareidolic Drawing,(Hokusai, Beardsley, Picasso and Matisse), 2020£475.00
194Stuart MollisonHome£250.00
195Kay McintoshThrough the Hills of Holmfirth£460.00
196John MerrillBm
197MikeSian StudioWoke Kids
198Jayne PellingtonMerchants Bridge£195.00
199June NewtonSunset Dairy House Lane£140.00
200Claire GrovesMare and Foal in Rochdale£170.00
201John Cooper1. Distance - A comic strip diary about life during Covid£100.00
202John Cooper2. Distance - A comic strip diary about life during Covid£100.00
203Len GrantSummer in the City: Miles Platting£395.00
204Nazma NoorSelf Portrait
205Shy BairnsThings We Liked This Month, 2020 - 2022
206Simon RogersonMourning Mother£175.00
207Gillian SmithsonMap£485.00
208Andre HoraFaith£400.00
209Anne GoldbergSenetti Reds£2,200.00
210Julia PrestonMoldovan Pumpkins£275.00
211Anne BardsleyVery Foxy£550.00
212Oscar BartonPoo Pao man strikes again
213Darren NisbetRun Around or The Grind£500.00
214Joshua SowaOn the Line£850.00
215Diana TerryHill Farm above Quarry£180.00
216Dave McCorryObstacle IV£300.00
217Holly GomeSaint JLD
218Sophie McBriartyStay Alert£666.00
219Minor Works Depot/Ian ParkinAnna Neagle & Washing Machine£650.00
220Sally CartwrightTed the Tortoise.£895.00
221Martin OrmeMagenta£150.00
222tara n. leachIt's time!
223Punked MonkGrandelion£250.00
224Rhian BoltonHold Me£150.00
225lain AndrewsGolem II£3,500.00
226lain AndrewsThe Eat Me
227Ged KingWalking£250.00
228Colin BatchelorAt The Seaside
230So Ping LawLotus Pond in Summer£180.00
231Stanley HarlandBlackfriar's Bridge, Manchester£200.00
232mr pleasingTravel lnterdimensionally£55.00
233Jayne PellingtonPotteries Way£195.00
234Sally CartwrightBirds have no Borders.
235Hilary PendleburyWhat Next?
236abbey lamI am ocean
237Cait GilfellonA Body Of Work
238Maria JacksonI tried and failed to collect up all your tears
239Freeform DesignAll At Sea£450.00
240Tara ColletteSkinner Series #1
241Robin Broad!eyLoading£2,650.00
242Petronio da CostaEngenho Falcao
243Mike WolfeHousehold Shrine
244Jane Chavez-DawsonMEDUSSA (AVEDON) 2019 to 2021£795.00
245Faye CookeTouch.
246Tricia AshworthNo Space Between Us£150.00
247Brigid BrindSelf-Portrait, lockdown 2
248Andree Adleylcon-2
249Yolanda Perez SanchezMy Countryside£450.00
250Collette CostelloAll The Single Ladies£275.00
251Paul AnthonyNights of Melancholia£350.00
252Andy MaherKeepsake£3,000.00
253Matthew ButtonManchester in Lockdown£50.00
254Michelle Hickman AKA 8bitnorthxstitchThe Myth, the Mistakes and the Mangling of the Truth
255TITUS AG8ARABuilt on Cotton and Coal£11.00
256Nigel KimberPendulum£150.00
257Nigel KimberBalance£150.00
258Alan TimpsonArachnophobia
259Ruby Owen HullAnother Place
260James GoodchildAll of the Light Whilst Walking£100.00
261Stephen MarlandLlandudno£175.00
262Ramon Omolaja AdeyemiWater Thrill£5,500.00
263Harrison HindeA Modern Ophelia£5,000.00
264Thatgirlhas_knitsDuvet Dress£40.00
2658ANKSIEIsolated Canvas
266Pete MarshAsh Wilson Band£1,560.00
267Art with Heart and Joe SmithCharity Shop Hot-Shots, Janet and Cindy
268Sue HodnettEstuary
269Catherine ThorpeVoyeurism
270Matt ThompsonShadows, Oxford Road Station£595.00
271Jason CarrFreedom in the Falling£2,950.00
272Tracey Turner, Birdie & BlossomJust Nipping Out£450.00
273Paul MellorSerayah, from Oldham£2,000.00
274Jay ClarkePhotographic Collage of 144 Dogs and Cats in Ryebank Fields£70.00
275Danielle DaltonUntitled (Three Dogs)£300.00
276Vivien AshtonGardens Uppermill Viaduct
277Becky McGillivrayWhat Are You Dain?!£150.00
278Sally Broadbent"Why won't you help me"?
279Lee Page HansonHeart for Arts Sake {Coeur Pour L'Art)£70.00
280Lorraine RudyardFun and Frolics at the Seaside£750.00
281/\liqa MrozowskaRybeczko (R6Za & Dylan)£900.00
282ItMol RobertsThe labours of Sisyphus£275.00
283Andrew Johnstoneuntitled {shell)£300.00
284Lola Murphy WoodManchester Bee
285Jonathan WiltshireSea overs Beyond the Sunset Sea£300.00
286Terry WilliamsTrees and Squares and The Sun as well£350.00
287Ilifumi OgasaharaNight on Earth: Manchester I New Cathedral Street£190.00
288Fawn Staszko-FordeAllis love
289Amy EllisonKylie Platt£250.00
290Alison ScottShe's giving him her phone number!£240.00
291Kirsty GbasaiHome
292Jon BiddulphMicrobe Muybridge
293Andy SmithBoarder Patrol.£450.00
294Toss ParkinsonThe Room£150.00
295The Marquetry ShackStevenson Square Going Nowhere£900.00
296fox Murphy WoodTiger Tiger
297Nicky JonesKind face wall pot {orange)£48.00
298Jacqueline TaylorChippy Tea£2,000.00
299Kevin BrennanCrocodiles at the seaside
300Beverley ColecloughStill Waters 9 Broome Town Beach£1,200.00
301Claire BuckleyNo Name 2
302Famzo FarazHigh Hopes£300.00
303Dorota NutterSailing boats 11£160.00
304Graham LambertTea, cakes and prosecco on a rainy afternoon£275.00
305Glasgow UnicomGlasgow Skyline, Winter Sunrise.
306Andee CollardToilet Roll£350.00
307Lynne EdwardsHotspur Press£100.00
308Lynne EdwardsCastle Hotel£120.00
309Anthony EdwardsNobody's Coming Anyway
310Michael ClaytonCan you see me...l'm here (2)£160.00
311Michael ClaytonCan you see me...l'm here. (1)£160.00
312Jo WrightCuckoo Stones£335.00
313Nicola SmithCHAIR DANCING Fitness TAKE 2
314Gymnast (Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon)Ghost
315Ellie Nicholls(untitled)£360.00
316Dave TynanBowie on Black
317Lowri EvansChildren's Drawings into Toys (Crocodile)
318Abi PiperSky Rat£110.00
319Judy MylreaFenrir Breaks from his Chains
320Felia Limlarung Gar
321Alan BeggUntitled (red II)£625.00
322Chris BardsleySt Peter's Square£150.00
323Kat WoodEggs & Plums£180.00
324Neil Wheatleydelta 1010000£100.00
325Neil Wheatleydelta 1001111£100.00
326Jive PrintsBounce£180.00
327Laurence BellUprising£125.00
328Thomas LarkinSubstation, Chlorophyll Print using an Ivy Leaf£400.00
329Yan TeeNon Specific Dread.£80.00
330Daniel ParkerBrown Sauce Buttys£500.00
331Katie O'NeillPain
332Victoria UdehSummer Breeze£50.00
333Ink Flo StoreGreenhouse£80.00
334Anthony OgdenPortrait of Dave
335TracieMarsha llMeeeee (with lippy on)£160.00
336Alison ScottRush Hour£240.00
337lepoopskiPortrait of Lim Se-jun£225.00
339Andy JamiesonTransmission£375.00
340Michelle LeighHens£195.00
341Martin FitzpatrickDovestones Reservoir£200.00
342Rounaq PotiwalSacred Audience£135.00
343Alicja MroiawskaR6ia&Phantom£900.00
344Neil Smithlmbolc002£225.00
345James DysonThe Stockport Planner
346FatRolandDaft Punk At Home With R2-D2£195.00
348Sarah-Joy FordA Scribble in the Margin£750.00
349Mary BurkeCheetham Hill Road
350Matthew WoodFreedom Fighters£275.00
351Matthew WoodFreedom Fighters£275.00
352Linda EdwardsThe Jockey' Morris Man
353PoonamPatilSerene Reflection - Sale Bridgewater Canal£250.00
354TAG6Workshoplearning to fly£99.00
355PatridaMckenzieBreaking out of lockdown
356ChristopherRainhamPied wagtail and Stones£200.00
357Sam AndrewCorners Terracotta Slab£102.00
358Barbara BiddulphSummer Textures£330.00
359Jackie WaggHow We Live£180.00
360Jackie WaggTerrace£180.00
361lqra TariqSelf-portrait£300.00
362Dennis MarkussBluefacedleicesters£270.00
363Clifford SafferSarah on Holiday£450.00
364Olivia LeakeGuiding Light
365Eloise PowerBy The Roses Of The Spring£100.00
366Nicola LucyBePatientWith M.E£50.00
367I.BaronDigital Swirls£50.00
368Michael TierneyPlayboy of the western world£450.00
369Calum McTidyup2020
370Jill MoorePaul- Masters at Work
371Eve Bennettlife Blood of the North Bridgwater Canal
372Nicola.Jayne SeddonThe City I See£120.00
373Natalie Haycock ArtManchester Flowers£650.00
374Andrew Eden BellFuturePlan.2£300.00
376himHallowsPolice Actions - Authoritarian Policy£500.00
377Gavin MeredithNewton Street, after a deluge.
378Survivors Manchester: Art by Glasgow
Unicorn and Poetry by Chris Egan
The Memorial Bench£100.00
379MilaRaczkowskaCatch and Release£420.00
380Dan WhiteheadPucker£50.00
381Drew WilbyReligion VS Consumerism£70.00
382DamarisKatonaSelf Portrait (incolour)
383Martin Nash & Mick TimpsonTuesdays with Mick and Martin£1,800.00
384ShahrokhNaelCrows of Tehran
385DonnaBerwickThe Cleaners£250.00
386ChenXiSweet Child of Mine
387KyleScott LawsonMiami Serieslll, S/5 22£850.00
387KyleScottLawsonMiami Series Ill, S/522£850.00
389Asma Jadakara DesaiMasjid Nasir Al - Mulk
390Jessica WheelerJaybirds
391Jodie TealSea Witch£120.00
392JoBeggsToast Rack£185.00
393James CampbellVisitors
394Drew WilbySt Marys Church, Prestwich£70.00
395Samir SalimTony's Flytrap [The World is Yours]
396Lorna LucasGary Nubian£180.00
397David HancockLeonor(The Sphinx)
398Julie HarperHydrangea Deconstruction Panel£400.00
399MartinMurreyIn bed, gold bed£250.00
400Tim RushtonTectonic Red£1,500.00
401Emma HortonUntitled{Fireworks1)£150.00
402Dan WhiteheadGlimpse£50.00
401Eliza GregoryNorthern Lights£40.00
404Finch Murphy aka PHOBIAsometimes i talk too much£100.00
405ErnestAstinThe Sea and Sky Patrol
406Jon JosephLight Display£275.00
407Iona Schwalowsky-MonksSome Were Born As Blood£300.00
408MikeHarteHappy New Year
409Gherdai HassellSolar£800.00
410Susan GunnFractured Ground£2.00
411Eliza GregoryKaguya£60.00
412Cathy DugganHotspur Press£150.00
413Roxana AllisonPecan pie, from the series Solace£400.00
414NeilShearerPhotographyImpossible To Ignore - Laurie Williams
415MatthewBellThe Weather Forecast
416Winifred GreenhalghUntitled
417Drew ForsythKate II£400.00
418AndiCallenThe Hard Stare£200.00
419Michael GutteridgeSt. Ann's Square East, No.4£230.00
420Rahima lmtiazCovid During lockdown£300.00
421Swapna GavaskarThe rush hour£500.00
422Ciaran WoolcombeCouldn't pot a plant£400.00
423Sue MannTony Wilson Place£120.00
424Lou NicoleTommie the Clown£300.00
425Deborah MakindeMen In Black£150.00
426Alina LatypovaEarthing£350.00
427Gabi Komar-DixonBiophilia£150.00
428Neelam Mahmoodlow Battery£50.00
429Simon ScottCaptain Sir Tom Moore£700.00
430Richard MasseyHollywood Rd, Hong Kong£175.00
431Philip WroeChildhood Stories: Pocket Money£150.00
432Janet BradyJack's Making Trades Around his Allotment
433AshleighBeattieLife Jackets
434ShalibakBoar Man
435Gwen EvansPortrait of a Woman
438RobHallWhat's going on£6,000.00
439Thomas AntellFroskr£1,100.00
440Steve WilliamsIn the flames
441MegWoodsAccidental Self Portrait£295.00
442Jasmine Gardner"I am not a racist, my brother's friend is Chinese"
443Phoebe PriceCartilage
444George FellPangolin (2020)£1,500.00
445Robin BroadleyPrincess Diana£1,500.00
446Philip WhartonBread and butter heroes£920.00
447Jo Scorah & Manchester Jewish Museum's Women's Textile GroupIn the Hands of Women
448Hathaikan KongaunruanBorn to Run£270.00
449Calum BayneGrapes£60.00
450Bhaggie PatelPit Fired Teapot£300.00
451Helena WorthingtonBaby Oil£150.00
452AnnieTortoraBIRD BOX
453MonixaMistryHindu Mythology 1£190.00
454Monixa MistryHindu Mythology 2£190.00
455BilalKhanWonderful Candle Stand£150.00
456Bilal KhanBright Candle Stand£150.00
457Gordon CookeCeramic Form with Dolomite Glaze£320.00
458LUKE ARMSTRONGPaper Samurai£500.00
459Sharon HowarthThe Three Sisters£450.00
460Thomas BloorThree Times£123.00
461LucyFollonLeave room for Malcolm
462Emily SevilleGranny's Garden #01
463Emma BlackburnDaddy Doi!
464Helen BeaumontTrio of glass bowls£450.00
465Gordon CookeCeramic Form with Oxide Decoration
466Ally DaviesAutumnal Bouquet
467Clare TownleyHauntedRocXeryll
468Teresa WilsonThe New Hat£380.00
469Annabelle Richmond-WrightAlexa£1,500.00
470David Warringtoniconstruction5(kinetic}
PerformanceSensSagnaFreeDrum - West African cultural performance
PerformanceMatrafisc DanceOctober
PerformanceCookie LoveFEVER COAT

Branding the Kings Arms, Salford

Back in 2018, I did the logo and rebranding on the Kings Arms Theatre pub in Salford, but I never did a blog, so here it is.

As a regular there they knew me well as my graphic design work for other productions had already graced their walls. When it came to their rebrand, they just had to ask.

Rebranding of the King.

The venue is pretty unique, being a great real ale pub, and also a theatre. Many times I've sat in the bar, watching it fill up in seconds as the sold-out show upstairs has its halftime break. It's a grand old place bursting with fresh new talent (The sitcom Fresh Meat was filmed there).

Above the bar is a stained glass window of a king. Not sure which one, but it was a starting point. For the rebrand, I took what was already there and gave it a bit of modern pop.

I got a lot of great feedback from Lisa, who commissioned the work and suggested the tattoos of local legends.

Using the same forms from the window; beard, robes and crown I created sketches, simplifying the stained glass into line art and turning the king to face and embrace his subjects. A new king with a broad smile who likes to put on a performance. (in my mind he sounds like Brian Blessed!).

Since the rebranding, the pub has launched its own ale, the Queen's Legs. Does the queen have hairy legs or is it the King in drag? I'm afraid even I can't reveal that.

Flat style graphic design


Branding for Shore Thing Theater

'Theater'? That's not a typo. My annual visit to the USA allows me to meet a lot of new creative folks with business plans. This month I've been helping Ria Toricelli  with the branding of her new theatre space 'Shore Thing Theater' in New Jersey.

Simliar to a previous branding project for The Fresnel Theater  in Portland, and Comedysportz Las Vegas, the brief for Shore Thing Theater was to create a brand logo reflecting the ethos of this venue. An entertainment space near the New Jersey shoreline, Shore Thing hosts live comedy, arts and education in a safe environment for the diverse surrounding community.

Working with Ria, we discussed a few different approaches, eventually settling on a logo where waves and a shoreline met with a stage and spotlights, blending the two aspects together into a memorable brand image.

Here's the final design, together with some earlier iterations, showing how the brand design evolved.

Performer Publicity

Poster and flyer design for performers and theatre productions.

Branding Design - Fresnel Theater (USA)

A brand design is more than just a logo. It's a representation of what the product or service is – what it stand for. With a good brand should tell you what what it's selling at a glance. A good brand tells a story.

Matt and Krista were looking for a designer for their new community theater space, the Fresnel Theater, opening in Portland, Maine. I met Matt through Comedysportz, a comedy improv show.

He’s a really enthusiastic smart guy, and it came as no surprise that he already had a mission statement, which is a great starting point for a designer.

It answered the questions that I'd initially ask - designer to client. What are the goals of the business, what makes your company different? Descriptive words. So that I can read and listen to the language they use and tune into their frequency and start creating visuals

Branding and logo design
Branding design - The Fresnel Theater (USA)

So in designing the logo it was important to look for something that was welcoming and incorporated The keywords of playfulness community and compassion.

From a practical point of view It needed to be bright and chunky so that when transferred into signage on the building, it's seen clearly from a distance.

Matt was keen for the logo to reflect the lighthouses that portland is known for. The name fresnal comes from bevels in the lens of a lighthouse main lamp that helps focus the beam. As a designer, I love that kind of creative thinking. 

Once the colours and typeface were finalised I created and branding guide. This is a reference document for printers. Most large commercial brands have very detailed branding guides, but really every business should have something like this. It’s helpful to printers and is a reliable way to future proof the consistency of your brand over time.

Here’s the final logo that Matt and Krista approved.

Branding Design Manchester

Face the music! Branding, web and print design for Wentworth Music Festival

A logo, a poster and a quick loading responsive website that sells tickets, for a new music festival. I love it when I get a project that covers all design disciplines for great cross branding experience.

One such recent project was Wentworth Music Festival. Working with a client I've had for many years they said 'this is what we want, and this is the deadline.  It needed to be bright and punchy, but also put on show the spectacular venue itself, Wentworth Woodhouse. A large privately owned stately home outside of Rotherham.

Choice of font and colour scheme was a delicate process of finding something loud and energetic enough to capture the identity and vibrance of a music festival, while also being respectful of the venue. Chatting with the clients while knee deep in organising  big name bands , I put forward a big splash illustration. Working up detailed sketch of the venue would show it off with a lot more vibrancy than a photo alone could achieve. There was also a tight deadline and go live date. Four bold colour silhouettes of non specific singers and musicians meant the pre-publicity for the event could being while waiting for the confirmation of the big names to come.  After sign off the graphics were reformatted for social media covers and the project was- quite literally - read to rock!

With over 18 years of industry and design studio experience and a dedication to researching the latest design trends and web technology, it's not just about creating a look and feel , but solving design problems. JCU is more than just the final product, it's a design service.

Design is everywhere. Everywhere we look on an increasing number of screens and  on signs of all sizes, each one seeking attention and engagement. We understand the DNA of design communication and how to get you noticed. We do it with efficiency and impact for clients throughout the UK and overseas.

Logo Design for Venues and Festivals

Who's a good boy? Well I suppose I am, with this recent logo design for Noddy, the mascot for Nodding Dog's outdoor socially distanced comedy gigs.

This was done on a super quick turnaround of one day. The client and comedy promoter Kev knew exactly what he wanted. I'd have liked to spend more time on the linework in the logo to be honest, but the clock was ticking, and in comedy timing is everything.

The purple works great as a primary colour for a comedy brand and the complementary teal in Noddy the Dog's collar can be used more for social media marketing.

For an example of something a little more in-depth, here are some other logo design projects.;

See more or logos and brand design work here.

Over the years I've worked in top design studios in both the North East and North West, dealing with brands for some leading dotcom companies. I'd like to think I understand the importance of a good logo and the brand image it presents.  

A new company looking for an image is like sitting an exam. Can you describe what you do in fifty words? How about How condensing it into ten words? Or one sentence? Effective branding is tough to get right. It’s the hook upon which successful recognition hangs. Let us help with your next project.

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