Bumper Design Portfolio Update


High time for a Design Portfolio update of all things web, print and illustration.

It’s been a while since I last updated the portfolio, and I’ve been accused of not blowing my own trumpet on the design front.  Time to get to grips with what I’ve learned about the new Jetpack galleries for WordPress to display all the new stuff I’ve been working on. With lots of new illustration and website work to add, its hard sometimes for me to know which items to put up first. My marketing head says the big clients come first. To show the size of the larger companies I work with,  but my designer’s heart always looks to the most creative project. Then again, these can be one in the same.

Similar with illustration. When working a range of styles, knowing which image to put in front of the other can be something I could easily over-think. Compere the recent Comedy Marathon poster with my own black and white book illustrations. It’s style verses speed, depending on then need. Good then that with a grid galleries and optimised images, I can show all the newer, and some more established portfolio pieces all at once.

What’s on the front page?