September 9, 2019

Branding for Shore Thing Theater

'Theater'? That's not a typo. My annual visit to the USA allows me to meet a lot of new creative folks with business plans. This month I've been helping Ria Toricelli  with the branding of her new theatre space 'Shore Thing Theater' in New Jersey.

Simliar to a previous branding project for The Fresnel Theater  in Portland, and Comedysportz Las Vegas, the brief for Shore Thing Theater was to create a brand logo reflecting the ethos of this venue. An entertainment space near the New Jersey shoreline, Shore Thing hosts live comedy, arts and education in a safe environment for the diverse surrounding community.

Working with Ria, we discussed a few different approaches, eventually settling on a logo where waves and a shoreline met with a stage and spotlights, blending the two aspects together into a memorable brand image.

Here's the final design, together with some earlier iterations, showing how the brand design evolved.

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