Where ideas take flight.
Websites, graphic design, illustration and branding.

Where ideas take flight.
Websites, graphic design, illustration and branding.

John creates websites, graphic design and illustration that help businesses thrive.
 Providing cross-branded consistency and building lasting relationships all over the world.
John works directly with clients, nothing is outsourced.
He helps both small and corporate businesses, bringing fresh eyes and new ideas to marketing. 
An ideas-driven creative who works hands-on with each and every project. 
Only perfection will do, and the work speaks for itself.

July 11, 2022
Card Game Illustration

Over the last few months, I've collaborated with Prof Martin Fitgerald at the University of Bradford, creating illustrations for a card game titled' 'Capturing the Sun'. The game is designed to help with cognitive restructuring (a term used in CBT) and is aimed at people with long-term psychiatric conditions. Based on the Mouri folk tale […]

July 6, 2022
'Futureproofing' graphic design with The Children's University of Manchester

I've just completed work on the Childrens University of Manchester learning platform. As a freelance graphic designer, I was first brought in to work on these projects they were created in Flash around 12 years ago. Today, in what's now the final iteration of the website, all the content has been converted into either HTML5 […]

May 30, 2022
Website Design with WordPress 6

In the last few years, WordPress has gone from strength to strength. I last did a video on WordPress when version five had launched, and now WordPress has 6 even more layout features, making it even more powerful as a website designer's editor of choice. While new features like page templates and new layout blocks […]

May 23, 2022
Illustration and video animation

I recently worked with Gorse Hill Studios, creating illustration and video animation for schools on the subject of CCE (child criminal exploitation). For the brief, I had text descriptions of scenarios that can happen in CCE . Animatics were created - roughly sketched storyboards with movement - so the client could see what the end […]

April 13, 2022
Buzzing with Character design.

This is Liza Bee-nelli, the mascot for the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival. The character design is a reimagining of the Fringe Mascot from 2017, when she was first introduced to promote shows. For this new version, I started with a pencil sketch in ClipStudio, then took it into Affinity Designer, my new favourite playground for […]

March 29, 2022
Live drawing the BCorp conference

A full day of capturing an event, as is happened. Live drawing, graphic recording, it has many names, is the process where an artist (me!) draws quickly to capture an event as it happens. This is often talks, discussions and Q&A's, visually representing the themes and subjects that are spoken about. Like taking minutes, but […]

John worked in design agencies before turning freelance in 2010. Today nearly all new clients come from referrals, and that's down to John's humour and experience. Listening to question and collaborating on briefs to create bold original work in graphic design, illustration, video and more. If you're looking for a new fresh voice for your brand and business, John will help you find it.  Always aiming high with creative and technical expertise. 

Does your WordPress website not do what you need it to? Got you covered. Is your logo hard to read on mobile devices? Yup, that can be sorted out. Sick of stock photos and want to use illustrations? Let John guide you through a way to get the most from your budget. Take your business to the next level, and don't just take his word for it, check out the feedback.  Ready to start your next project?

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    Based on 14 reviews.
    Richard Pascoe
    It goes without saying that I love how John draws. What does need saying is how much I appreciate how he helps me visualise my ideas in the ways I need. When I need him to take my sketches and form a quality version true to the original, he does just that. When I need him to get creative, to build in his ideas into my sketches, he does just that. When I need him to interpret the barest outline of an idea in written form and turn (somehow) into a brilliant image, he does just that. He just does things incredibly well.
    Ben .J Hodge
    I asked John to create some resources for the organisation I was working for and boy were we happy! He was so responsive and attentive to the needs of the project and so flexible in working with the voice overs we had prepared. He was so great in working to our deadline and project goals that Ive no doubt the resources he's created (which have already gained a great amount of engagement on our project) will be used for a very very long time! Thank you John, hope we can work together again soon!
    Ingenious Fools
    John designed our poster for The Undiagnosables at Brighton Fringe, creating comic illustrations of four comedians that look absolutely brilliant!! The turnaround was very fast and he understood what we wanted straight away - highly recommended.
    Ashley Boroda
    Working with John was a great experience. He understood the brief, he was very happy to accommodate changes, rethinks and new ideas as the project progressed. Nothing was too much trouble and he made me laugh along the way. The end result was even better than I had imagined, my vision plus his. I will certainly recommend John to any individual or business looking for an all action animation.
    Toby Foster
    Always bang on the money with the work we've given him. Seen as part of our team, not just a contractor.
    Rich Davenport
    John has produced several excellent quality pieces of artwork for various music projects I've been involved in, including an album cover, t-shirt design and band logo. Each time I've worked with him, he's been very committed to finding out what was needed for the design and involving me in the development of the artwork by sending rough sketches to get my feedback. He's always fast, professional and gives extremely good value for money. I can recommend him without reservation.
    Claire Homewood
    Excellent company, John is very easy to communicate with, always replies in a timely way and is professional and knowledgeable. I'm incredibly happy with my website, both with the design and functionality and over the years John has always helped keep it up to date, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John and this company.
    Jim Ansaldo
    John's design work captures authenticity and emotion in ways that few are able to replicate.
    Alan Tattersall
    "Distance", recently published by John, is a funny and fascinating book skilfully illustrating many of the challenges we all faced during the first 2020 lockdown. For many people, this has been one of the most difficult periods of their lives and John has expertly brought together some of the highs and lows of lockdown in an hilarious way - well done
    Tom Parson
    John is a great illustrator and human. Easy to work with and creative in his ideas, John adds a valuable side to our business we couldn’t do without.

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